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ALT Events Co. Non-boring, non-traditional, non-religious weddings


Ideal Clients


My ideal clients are the couples that do not want to have a boring Wedding. It’s so simple – you’ve been to loads of events that seem like a repeat of each other, and you want an injection of creativity for your Special Day. You’re not religious and you are not looking for a traditional wedding. You’re looking for someone you can trust, and who can be a friend to you throughout the planning process. It’s also good to know I do not add on costs to my prices and never will. I also love a challenge – frustrating family member? Situations that need handling delicately? Distractions needed? Sign me up. 

Celebrant ceremonies, pagan-esque decorations and practices, alternative decorations, non-traditional format, themed events, unique and eclectic venues, rule and ground-breaking practices – that’s a bit of me.


About ALT Events Co.

ALT Events Co. (ALT for Alternative!) is all about me expressing my love for events of all kinds, with in depth planning, avoiding the boring, same old crap you see at every single other event, whilst also incorporating my hospitality knowledge. On my watch and with my planning and suppliers, you will have the absolute best Food and Beverage service you can imagine, as well as the best music 😉

My ideal client is ironically just like me and my friends, we know exactly what we want and we aren’t afraid to ask for it. We know when things look tacky, tired, shoddy or rushed! We also find it hard to trust others as we’re complete control freaks 😀 Therefore Bridezillas are WELCOME!

Celebrant ceremonies, pagan-esque decorations and practices, alternative decorations, non traditional format, themed events, unique and eclectic venues, rule and ground breaking practices – that’s a bit of me.

stunning black and white bride

My business ethos

stunning black and white bride

– Female owned, LGBTQIA+ friendly business

– Non-traditional, non-religious, non-boring planner! (please don’t think this means no religions welcome, that’s not the case. Weddings are fundamentally a pagan and then later a catholic ceremony – all this means is that religion will not be the FOCUS of your wedding. All religions welcome of course!)

– Fair wage employer – any staff I use receive a minimum of £15 an hour and no less, this is what I believe is fair for an industry professional in 2024/25

– Eco-friendly, independent, and local (where possible) suppliers

– Caterers can cater for: veggie, vegan, gluten free etc.


No smoke without fire...

Beth is hard working , professional and joy to be around I highly recommend her services to anybody
John Haycock
I worked closely with Beth over 3 months planning a fundraiser for Salford Pride. The event quickly became one of our biggest events of the year, and Beth was a big part of the driving force behind that. From the start, she was incredibly engaged with our project, and had a real excitement and flair for her work. Beth was an absolute pleasure to work with, and I hope to work with her on more events in the future!
Jack AL
Beth was so super helpful when I was planning my wedding. With two small children, a partner working overseas and trips here there and everywhere it was impossible for me to plan the finer details and how the day would be coordinated by myself! Beth has so much experience in the service industry, she helped me figure out how to find good suppliers, work out exactly what we needed at what time and pull all the strings together so that the day went off without a single hitch! A DIY tipi wedding was a huge undertaking and Beth had it all figured out - each supplier worked briliantly with one another. Beth even helped me decorate the tipis and clear down the following day. I would recommend Beth's services to anyone who wanted to plan a completely unique and bespoke wedding day. Thanks to Beth the day was really professional and seamless. We couldnt have done it without you Beth, thank you so much!! Kate and Jarlath
Kate McKeever